We Are Proud of What We Manufacture
The shoe factory “Belsta” is a trendsetter of the Ukrainian fashion for home shoes, as well as an industry leader with a production cycle of 1,500 specialists and a tax donor of its region.



Alla Ginak , the creator of the Belsta home shoes brand and founder of the factory, is a generator of energy and inspiration that she is able to share for business and charity.

Ukrainian designers work on collections, compiling the best of the All Union State Standards and modern technology what makes "Belsta" a unique national project.
New Markets
More than ten years ago, “Belsta” captivated customers from the CIS and Central Asia with its unique combination of price and quality. And in 2016, it took another height and entered the European and overseas markets of light industry: Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Poland, the USA, and Israel.
"Belsta” is 15 years old.
The idea to create a “Belsta” national brand belonged to two talented people - Anatoly and Alla Ginak. The factory became a family business, where managerial experience, creative vision, and strategic thinking were ideally combined. The production facilities of the shoe factory are located on the banks of the Dniester estuary in Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, which gave its name to the enterprise.
In 2019, Alla Ginak initiated a makeover of the main production line, as well as a rebranding with an eye toward expanding the company's horizons and capabilities and to stop attempts to copy popular models from “Belsta” by Chinese and local manufacturers.
Decent Working Conditions
The mission of the factory and the philosophy of the brand remain the same - the Ukrainians should get good wages and working conditions in their country and our customers deserve home shoes of the highest quality at an affordable price.

Our Team

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals with international work experience, active, responsible, and loving what they do.

Mykhaylo Mykhaylovych Baranov


Valentyn Anatoliyovych Baranov

Production Manager

Albert Anatoliyovych Altukhov

Chief Engineer

Oleksandr Oleksandrovych Dovhal

Head of Legal Department

Natalya Yakivna Shevchenko

Regional Sales Manager

Anna Valeriyivna Manolova

Head of Human Resources

Natalya Oleksandrivna Basiy

Head of Sewing Departments

Our Factory

“Belsta” shoe factory employs more than a thousand and a half people and the pace of new jobs openings does not stop. These are managers, designers and craftsmen, highly skilled workers, and seamstresses.
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