We Produce the Ukrainian Product according to European Standards

Since 2006 and to the present day, we have been creating national fashion for home shoes

shoes manufactured per year
40 representative offices around the world and a dynamically expanding network of brand stores in the CIS countries.
pairs of shoes per shift
A complete production cycle and concentration of capacities ensure the stable operation of the shoe factory.
meters of fabric per day
For home shoes manufacturing, we use the best certified domestic and imported fabrics.
parts per day
Sophisticated logistics and modern factory equipment guarantee uninterrupted supply and minimal cost of our products.
pairs of soles per day
The flexible soles casting process uses a zero-waste production principle – recycling, which eliminates environmental pollution.
pairs of drawings per day
Our designers give each product a unique author’s style, thinking through every detail.

WE are a huge Belsta team

BELSTA footwear company employs more than 1,500 people and the pace of new jobs opening does not stop. These are managers, designers, and craftsmen, highly skilled workers and seamstresses.

We value each person who comes to work at Belsta and express our care.

We create conditions for people to stay to work in Ukraine. Thanks to such policy, “Belsta” has been the main taxpayer of its region and the leader of light industry in the Odessa region for years.

We work tirelessly on new collections, technologies and markets, because this is the only way we can actually support our country’s economy.

At our enterprise, we offer high wages, competitive with employers in Poland, free lunches, and delivery of employees to work by company buses. We create conditions for people to stay to work in Ukraine.

Our Advantages
We shape the image of a national manufacturer and follow the path of innovation!


Our production capacity allows us to produce up to 40,000 pairs per day


Ability to work with foreign accounts and foreign companies


Our products are known even in the CIS, as well as in Europe


Every shoe is manufactured according to international standards (certified products)



More than 1,000 high quality models produced

private label

Ability to work according to the Private Label system (we will produce products for your brand)

"Quality" is not just a word for us
Every shoe is manufactured according to interstate standards (certified products)
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